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SKYLINE was first established in 2019 in New York City with just a few people and a dream. The dream was to create a platform for customers on which they felt appreciated, respected and most importantly, they could obtain value. Two years later, this dream is becoming a reality. We have now extended our reach into three additional countries across 3 continents with many more to come. The goal is to become a global platform where an engineer in New York City can access the same great products as a kid in Madagascar, a doctor in Tokyo, or a retired teacher in Paris.

SKYLINE is a platform for all. We are an eCommerce market that creates the link between sellers and buyers regardless of their postal code or geographical coordinates. Whether it is retail or wholesale, we strive to meet the expectations and needs of all customers in a professional and timely manner. We strive to provide an improved quality of life for local sellers selling local goods in their local communities, by expanding their customer base exponentially. We make it possible for sellers to reach customers all around the country and the world with a few simple clicks.

SKYLINE brings a fresh new perspective to the table. We work hard behind the scenes to ensure the products on our platform are genuine and top quality thus guaranteeing a great first impression with our soon-to-be loyal customers. With state-of-the-art technology, fast and reliable shipping, and a consumer-friendly return policy, the only thing our customers need to worry about is what color they want their brand-new shoes, or what flavor they want for their pet food. We pride ourselves on offering a hassle-free experience with customer service available around the clock in multiple languages. Our customers work around the clock all around the world, so why shouldn’t we?

SKYLINE’s platform is built with the user in mind. From beginning to end, every design, every feature, every page is intended for the ease and comfort of our users. Our seller portal will enable our sellers and business partners to advertise their products, and get them out to our buyers. Buyers will be able to purchase their favorite products with just a few clicks and expect it at their doorstep, without them ever having to leave the couch. All with the push of a button, and with your security and comfort at the forefront of our list of priorities. We’re here to serve you, and to ultimately make the world a better place.

This is what we do. This is SKYLINE.