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Looking for baby formula products manufacturer in India? Consult with the top baby formula exporters in India.

India is one of the largest producers and exporters of milk and milk products in the world. With its rich resources, India has become a major exporter of baby formula products globally. Indian companies are known for their quality products and have established themselves as reliable suppliers of infant milk formula.

Baby formula exports from India have seen a significant increase in recent years due to the high demand for Indian milk products in international markets. The country has a diverse market of manufacturers who supply premium-quality milk products for export.

India’s infant milk exports have gained momentum in the global market owing to the high nutritional value and purity of the products. Indian manufacturers provide a wide range of milk products for export including infant formula, follow-up formula, growing up milk, and specialized formulas for infants with specific needs.

With a large number of baby formula manufacturers in India, it is essential to choose the right supplier for your business. It is advisable to conduct a thorough research on the background and reputation of the manufacturer before engaging in the trade.

To import baby formula from India, there are certain requirements that need to be fulfilled regarding quality checks, labeling, and packaging. The importers must ensure that the products meet the regulatory requirements of their country before starting any import process.

In summary, India is a major exporter of milk and milk products including baby formula products. With a diverse market of manufacturers providing high-quality milk products for export, India is a reliable source for meeting the demand for infant milk formula globally. To import such products from India, it is necessary to comply with the requirements and regulations of the importing country.

Baby formula or infant formula is a specialized food product designed for babies who cannot be breastfed or have a lactose intolerance. India is one of the world’s largest producers of milk and dairy products, and it is a significant player in the global baby formula market. India is a major exporter of baby formula to countries all over the world. The following is a brief overview of baby formula exports from India.

India’s Baby Formula Exports

According to the data published by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, India exported $28.29 million worth of milk-based infant formula in 2020-21. In 2019-20, the country’s export of milk-based infant formula was $46.25 million. These figures highlight the growing demand for Indian baby formula in international markets.

The United States, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Nepal, and Bhutan are the top importers of Indian baby formula. The Indian government has been taking measures to boost exports of dairy products, including baby formula. It has also signed several trade agreements with other countries to expand its export market.

Types of Baby Formula Exported from India

India produces different types of baby formula, including cow milk-based formula, soy milk-based formula, protein hydrolysate formula, and lactose-free formula. Infant formula manufacturers in India use high-quality raw materials and advanced production technology to make these products.

Cow Milk-based Formula: This is the most commonly used type of baby formula, and it is made with cow milk as a base. It provides an excellent source of nutrition for newborns and infants.

Soy Milk-based Formula: This type of baby formula is suitable for babies who are lactose intolerant or allergic to cow’s milk. It is made from soy protein and does not contain any lactose.

Protein Hydrolysate Formula: This type of baby formula is designed for babies who have difficulty digesting proteins. It is made from proteins that are already partially broken down, making it easier for the baby to digest.

Lactose-Free Formula: This type of baby formula is designed for babies who are lactose intolerant. It is made from lactose-free ingredients such as corn syrup.


India has emerged as a significant exporter of baby formula, thanks to its high-quality products and competitive pricing. The country’s extensive range of baby formula products has helped cater to the diverse needs of babies worldwide. With rising global demand, Indian baby formula exports are expected to continue to grow in the coming years.

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